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Stucco Repair

Protect your largest investment by having us repair damaged stucco, and then we’ll paint the exterior of your home to protect against any further damage to the exterior. Even the interior of the house can be affected by problem areas in the stucco due to cracks or water leakage – water can enter the home through the compromised stucco, causing damage to the drywall inside. Water leaks can also lead to dangerous mold within the walls. Not only does repairing and painting the exterior protect your investment, it also adds curb appeal and a clean fresh vibe to any home.

Synthetic Stucco Siding (EIFS)

Synthetic stucco siding was developed in postwar Europe as a way to patch walls. When builders realized how energy efficient the material was, it was soon used as an alternative to traditional stucco. Because of the multiple layering, EIFS is a better insulator than traditional stucco siding. It is also more flexible, allowing ornate keystones, cornerstones and other accents that traditional stucco previously could not hold. And unlike poorly installed traditional stucco, synthetic stucco does not yellow or fade, which occasionally forces homeowners to paint over their stucco.

Why Synthetic over Traditional Stucco?

Cement Stucco is typically darker if it dries slowly and lighter if it dries quickly. In hot, dry, or windy conditions the entire building can be lighter in color than intended; conversely in cloudy, moist, or wet conditions the entire building can be darker than intended. In addition, walls can dry differently just based on shading – the north side of the house can dry darker than the south side. Even shading from plank, trees, or other structures can telegraph onto a wall and cause discoloration. Since Synthetic Stucco is a lot like paint, it dries much more evenly. Because of the nature of the resin, it moves more than cement stucco does, and is not as susceptible to cracking. Stucco is a versatile facing material that can be applied to flat or curved surfaces outside any building or structure. In addition to versatility, it provides great curb appeal and is a great choice in surface finish due to its utility, low first cost, and minimal maintenance.

Design Assistance

Don’t know exactly what look you want for your home? Don’t worry! We will help you with design ideas while on site during our free estimate! We design and collaborate with all our clients.

We can handle your next new stucco, and stucco renovation projects whenever you are ready to start your next project! Contact us today.

Available Stucco Colors & Styles

Please take look at our suppliers’ web sites to see the variety of colors and styles we offer for stucco.

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