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Home Remodeling

When Should You Renovate?
Sometimes homeowners get tired of their current home, or need more space, but why move when you can renovate for less expense and a lot less headaches? Before deciding to remodel or move, consider your emotional feelings. There is more to ‘home’ than what’s inside the house itself. Think honestly about your relationship with your neighbors and how you feel about your location and the surrounding area. If you have a strong connection to the neighborhood and emotional ties to your home, renovating just may be the right answer, both econmically as well as emotionally.

Many homeowners base their decision to sell on the need for more room. But a more space-efficient layout that adds one more room rather than more square footage can help some avoid the hassle of moving. Why deal with packing, higher interest rates and the ordeal of real estate sales, when you can do an overhaul of your current home with less interruption to your life, and lower overall expenses?

In terms of styling, good residential architects can envision upgrade possibilities you may not see. They’re able to fill maximum permissible square footage with optimal functionality. A simple trim upgrade, or custom stonework, can really change the aesthetics of your space. Before you go running into the housing market, talk to us about your renovation options for ideas and visuals on how you can give your home an extreme makeover and add living space.

You’ll enjoy “the best of both worlds” — a home that fits your lifestyle, located in a neighborhood you already love.

Historic Home Remodeling

Renovating your historic home can be a significant undertaking depending on the scope of the project and the condition of the property – and selecting the proper contractor and architect is crucial to your project’s overall success. Preservation of the original historic fabric can be the most cost effective way to preserve its eloquent beauty or to appropriately make changes to an existing structure. Owners make use of our services to insure that irreplaceable historic woodwork is not needlessly destroyed. These services include the conservation of timber frame structures, wood window restoration and general repair of historic interiors and exteriors. We strive to produce additions, renovations or repairs that will disappear into the existing work. Over the years, we have also developed techniques for incorporating modern systems into historic structures in a way that preserves their historic integrity. We can accurately recreate and reproduce architectural forms in wood, metal, masonry and other historic materials.

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