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Cultured Stonework

Cultured Stone is a manufactured stone made out of lightweight, natural aggregates and iron oxide pigments, all of which are basic components of natural stone. Available in flats and corners, stone veneer is sized and shaped for efficient installation, and is ideal for interior and exterior nonstructural veneer projects such as house fronts, chimneys, foundations, fireplaces, freestanding walls and building exteriors. Cultured stone is very cost effective, especially for larger projects, and offers more uniformity is color and stone sizing.

  • Exterior Facades: Whether used as an accent or a full wrap, stone veneer can add curb appeal to any home. Using different materials and colors can provide three-dimensional quality, creating more interest and depth to a building. More earth-toned colors are being favored by architects, who are incorporating stone veneer into exterior facades as a way to complement the natural scenery around many homes. In some cases, styles that emulate the natural stone found in nearby surroundings are used, giving the illusion that a piece of the landscape has been incorporated right into the home.
  • Outdoors: A major trend today is the use of stone veneer for outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, barbecue islands, and cabanas. Stone veneer walls can be used to add character and form to gardens and outdoor yards. Their beautiful aesthetics and extreme durability also make them a perfect option for lining driveways and property borders. A Tuscan vernacular is also popular, in which elements are completely cladded—as if the materials were “pulled off the land” and the out-buildings (such as a pool house or shed) have the same look.
  • Columns: With columns, a preferred solution for housing heat structures in backyards, stone veneer makes for an ideal wrap because of its light weight. Stone veneer columns in a square shape are a favorite at the moment for backyards, while traditional, Tuscan-style columns are a classic choice for adding old-world charm to entranceways.
  • Fireplaces: With the wide variety of stone veneer styles available, it is easy to achieve virtually any look for fireplaces. Stone veneer fireplaces can feature anything from a traditional, rubble texture to a modern, sleek feel. They can be ornate, reminiscent of Victorian styles, given a Tuscan or Mediterranean appearance, or simply a stone wall and floor on which a wood burner sits.
  • Kitchens/Bathrooms: Stone veneer islands and backsplashes can add texture and variation to kitchens, while decorative stone veneer accents can lend a rustic or natural vibe to bathrooms. A little wall cladding in stone veneer goes a long way.
  • Arches/Doors/Windows: An ordinary arch, door or window can be transformed into a stunning architectural feature just by adding some stone veneer accents. Using stone veneer to offset brick window accents is a growing trend, as is combining different stone veneers to give a customized look. Keystone windows and arches are also trendy as are window and door surrounds made from carved or inset stone.

Don’t know exactly what look you want for your home? Don’t worry! We will help you with design ideas while on site during our free estimate! We design and collaborate with all our clients.

Available Stone Veneer Colors & Styles

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